IV Sedation

IV Sedation for a Stress-free Dental Experience

Many people refuse to see the dentist for regular or even random check ups. That simple, semi-annual visit can help you avoid many painful and expensive treatments later on in life. After the misconception that dental care is too expensive, the next reason you don’t visit the dentist is anxiety about being at the dentist.

Anxiety from bad experiences in the past
We recognize that many patients have had bad dental experiences in their past, either as children or adults. Those experiences can dramatically affect their comfort level and desire to see a dentist on a regular basis. We understand and try to make your experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible. One of the services Woodlands Family Dental offers to help with reducing anxiety is IV Sedation.

What is IV Sedation?
Intravenous Conscious Sedation, or IV Sedation, consists of a drug, usually anti-anxiety, that is delivered directly into the bloodstream. Many dentists call this ‘sleep’ or ‘twilight’ sedation, but this can be misleading. Patients who choose IV Sedation are never asleep. In fact, they stay awake the entire time. They are able to respond to questions and have limited communication with the dentist.

How does IV Sedation work?
The anti-anxiety medication is delivered intravenously, directly into the bloodstream. This allows the medication to take effect almost immediately. Patients can expect to be in a state of consciousness, but in deep relaxation and unbothered by any activity around them. The drugs typically produce partial or complete memory loss during the time a patient is under the influence. Due to this, time will appear to pass quickly or a patient will think they slept through the entire procedure. Coming out of this state happens relatively quickly, depending on the pharmaceuticals used, with some wearing off in as little as 5 minutes after the IV is stopped. Ask your dentist for more information about their preferred treatment options.

Is IV Sedation Safe?
IV Sedation is very safe when performed by specially trained dentist. You can be guaranteed that Woodlands Family Dental stays trained on the latest advanced in dental sedation and maintains a safe and professional environment. There are very few issues to be aware of when choosing IV Sedation. If you are pregnant, have certain allergies to medications, depression or other mental disorders, some instances of glaucoma or other medical issues, consult your dentist and they can speak to your specific situation.

Learn More about IV Sedation
If you would like to learn more about IV Sedation and how Woodlands Family Dental can provide you with a safe, relaxed and stress-free dental experience, give us a call today at 281-681-9600.

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