The Art of Sedation Dentistry

Pain free dental care is a true art form. We understand that a lot of people fear dentists. There is no reason you should not receive comfortable dental care. Finding a dentist that listens to you is a priority when it comes to finding the best dental care. Most dentists will listen, and they can offer many options to help you cope with any anxiety that you may feel concerning your visit.

Relax in Total Comfort

Dental anxiety is common among children and adults alike. Some cases are worse than others. When you contact your dentist, it is important to discuss your concerns. They will be able to offer sedation choices that will make your visit a whole lot easier. One of the most common choices of sedation is the use of nitrous oxide. Otherwise known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide helps to put patients into a state of euphoria. While in this state, you may still feel the work that is being completed, but it won’t hurt and you will be able to easily respond to your dentist.

Get Sleep Sedation Dentistry

Oral sedation has many different states. If you don’t want to be aware of what is happening during your dental procedure, and you just want to wake up after it is finished, then sleep sedation dentistry might be just what you are looking for. When this type of sedation is used, you will need a friend or family member to accompany you. There is little after care involved, and you will need to be observed for around 6 hours after the procedure to ensure that there are no complications from the sedation. While IV sedation is the most common form of sleep sedation, other approaches are used as well.

Stay Aware with Oral Conscious Sedation

If you do not want to be put to sleep entirely, then you may wish to use oral conscious sedation. Laughing gas is one of the types of sedation in this category. There are also oral medications that can be taken before your procedure, to help you relax before receiving treatment. While in a semi-conscious sedated state, you will be able to communicate with your dentist, while still feeling at ease. We strongly suggest that you meet with your dentist well in advance of the date of your treatment, so that you are aware of all of the sedation options that are available, as well as their side effects and risks.

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