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Dr. Murphey Awarded Prestigious Title for Service

Recently, Dr. Brett Murphey was awarded the title of Fellow in the Academy of Dentistry International, a society for dentists promoting social responsibility of the dental profession around the globe.

Dr. Murphey was granted this title in large part because of dedication to providing dental care in underprivileged countries and his desire to advance dentistry throughout the world and improve the oral and general health and welfare of the citizens of every nation.

Upon receiving the title, Dr. Murphy said, “It is an extreme honor to be welcomed into the academy along with so many colleagues I greatly admire. I look forward to promoting and to continue following the missional principles this great organization has established. My hope is that, through our efforts, we can continue to provide much needed dental care and oral health education around the world.”

ADI Fellows

Let’s all share in a hearty and well deserved congratulations to Dr. Murphey for receiving this honor. We are all very proud of the work he does and the example he sets for all of us to follow.

About the Academy of Dentistry International
“The Academy of Dentistry International is the international honor society for dentists dedicated to sharing knowledge in order to serve the dental-health needs and to improve the quality of life of people throughout the world. Through the development of fellowship and understanding, the Academy endeavors to create opportunities for service in order to assist in the establishment of a world at peace.”

To learn more about the ADI click here.

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