Megan Moureau

Meagan’s Smile Update

We are steadily working towards our goal of raising $8000 to provide much needed dental work for this wonderful young lady, Meagan. While we have seen some great progress, we still need your help to bless this single mother of 3 young children with a healthy, happy smile.

In our last post, we talked about how Meagan had heard of the great work done at Woodlands Family Dental, and how her story was brought to the attention of Dr. Brett Murphey. Because of the unique situation she finds herself in, we are raising support to bring back Meagan’s beautiful smile. She is super excited about the chance to have a brand new smile-knowing that as a future massage therapist, first impressions are crucial. Won’t you please join us with a donation towards Meagan’s new smile?

Click here to learn more about Meagan and to contribute to her new smile.

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