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Star of Hope

Giving Hope This Holiday Season

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We are accepting donations for the Star of Hope Mission. This is an organization that houses homeless men, women and children. Nearly 1,200 will be calling the Star of Hope Mission their home on Christmas Day. Serving the Lord and our community goes beyond just dental experiences, and we believe in giving back and giving hope to others. We will be accepting donations from Dec 1 until Dec 19. Accepted donations: http://www.sohmission.org/christmas-needs
Contest Winners

Costume Contest Winners!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our Halloween costume contest. We had a great time seeing all of your photos and picking winners was definitely a tough task. After much deliberation among the staff we narrowed it down and declared the following winners! Congratulations to the winners and thanks again to everyone who submitted a photo. We love seeing how our patients have fun. 1st place | Little Mermaid Prize: $50 Toys R Us Gift Card 2nd place | Theater Popcorn Prize: $25 Toys R Us Gift Card 3rd place | Dorothy and the Tin Man Prize: $10 Toys R Us Gift Card Honorable Mention | Grease Kiddos They were just so cute, we couldn't leave them out!

Seal Out Tooth Decay

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What are dental sealants? Dental sealants are a preventative dental treatment made from a thin plastic material. This material is typically applied to the chewing surface of molars and premolars which have a higher likelihood of cavities, especially at younger ages. The sealants act as a barrier between the teeth and cavity causing bacteria essentially ‘sealing out’ plaque, food and acids in the mouth. How are dental sealants applied? The tooth will be cleaned and prepared to receive the sealant, then the ultra-thin material is ‘painted’ onto the tooth enamel. This can be done by the dentist, dental assistant, or dental hygienist. Once applied, the sealant bonds with the tooth and hardens. Sometime a curing light is used to help speed up the curing time...

When Should My Child Start Going To The Dentist?

We receive many questions from parents and one of the most common is, "When should my child start going to the dentist?" Woodlands Family Dental recommends you bring your child in for their first evaluation when they get their first tooth or reach their first birthday. Many parents may think this is too early, but it's very important we have an opportunity to evaluate your child’s overall dental health. It also allows us to council you as the parent, and evaluate any undetected issues that may be caused from baby bottles, development or cavities in primary teeth. When should children start regular dental visits? At Woodlands Family Dental we offer a “Happy Visit”. This is a low stress introductory tour of our office. We want to build trust and make sure...

Operation Christmas Child

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We are overjoyed to announce that this holiday season we will be collecting for Operation Christmas Child! Collections will take place from October 1st through November 16, 2016. Last year alone, Samaritan’s Purse delivered more than 11 million Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to children around the world. God used these simple gifts to change the lives of many boys and girls and their families. After the outreach events where children received their shoeboxes, 2.7 million went on to enroll in The Greatest Journey discipleship program. These children were discipled by trained local teachers, and they are now enthusiastically sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. Simple shoebox gifts, packed with love and prayer, are tools for evangelism and...

Help Houston Flood Victims

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All of our staff here at Woodlands Family Dental, wanted to reach out and help support our community and those affected by the recent flooding. We have spoken to several patients that had damage due to the flooding and one family, in particular, that lost everything. They had moved into their home only days before and were not completely unpacked when the rains came. We need your help in collecting items to help get them and so many others back on their feet! If you have non-perishables, bottled water, Gatorade, cleaning supplies, etc. please stop by either of our locations to donate! We are also collecting items such as formula, baby diapers and wipes, baby food, toiletries and more. For items that we collect that are not given straight to a family in need...
Mission Trip

Goodbye Ecuador…

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For the second time this spring, a team from Woodlands Family Dental have returned from serving in the mission field. Our first trip took us to Guatemala in Central America where we gave of ourselves to provide much needed dental care and oral health guidance. Our latest trip sees Dr. Nalley, Dr. Garza and hygienist Sarah Kelley returning all the way from Ecuador in South America. While the services we provide are essentially the same, each trip is special and cherished because of the unique culture and because of the wonderful people we meet. As you know, our greatest joy comes form proving a happy and healthy smile. Our new friends in Ecuador have filled us to overflowing with joy because of their gratefulness and beaming smiles they are so quick to share...
Mission Trip to Ecuador

First Guatemala. Now Ecuador!

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It’s only been a couple of weeks since our amazing trip to Guatemala. Now, Dr. Nalley & Dr. Garza, along with hygienist, Sarah Kelley from Woodlands Family Dental are in Ecuador where we’re, once again, blessed to serve as the hands and feet to those in need. In the first few days our team provided dental and oral health care to nearly 100 patients with more on the way each day we’re there. A local pastor took the opportunity to share the gospel message to our patients as they arrived and left our care facility. “It’s amazing to see the smiles on the kid’s faces after we give them a cleaning or provide some extended dental care. It’s equally amazing to see crowds gather and listen to the gospel message and leave with both a smile on their lips...
Mr. Molar

Say “Hello” to Mr. Molar!

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Recently, Woodlands Family Dental surprised The Woodlands Christian Academy with a visit from Mr. Molar. Along with hygienist, Sarah, Mr. Molar shared dental hygiene tips and played games with the children. One game had two "Sugar Bugs" (volunteers) chase after Mr. Molar while a Toothbrush (another volunteer) came to his rescue! The games were fun, informational and allowed us to run around with the kids for a good time. Woodlands Family Dental is excited to have Mr. Molar making appearances throughout the community. We desire that everyone have a full understanding of the value and benefits of good oral health. Our goal, with Mr. Molar, is to engage the young people in our community to make learning about oral health fun and entertaining. Keep an eye out for...
WFD Mission Trip

Guatemala Update: …and back again!

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As it usually goes with these kinds of trips, it is over too soon. The bittersweet reality of leaving the wonderful people of Guatemala is tempered by being back at home, surrounded by routine and the familiar. When we pause a moment to think back to the whirlwind of activity over the brief week, it's amazing to realize the impact we've had on so many lives. We were able to see and help more than 750 men, women and children in need of dental care. In this impoverished part of the world, these mission trips may be the only professional care they receive from year to year. This service does more than offer the local people a chance for a cleaning. It gives us an opportunity to reflect the compassion, love and abundant living in Christ that we can sometimes take...