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Halloween Candy and Kids' Teeth

Kids, Halloween Candy, and Teeth

by Kimberly Chessser
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To kids all over the United States, Halloween means one thing: candy. It gives parents nightmares and gives dentists the chills. Is there a way for kids to enjoy candy on Halloween without haunting visions of cavities rising like ghosts? The answer is yes! How Candy Damages Teeth Bacteria eats the sugar leftover in your kids’ mouths and then produces a weak acid. This weak acid is what causes cavities. The longer sugar stays in the mouth (think of sucking on hard, sugary candy all day long), the more cavities will develop. However, most dentists will tell you that it is okay for your kids to splurge on candy for Halloween if they brush twice a day and floss once a day for the rest of the year. Eating Candy Safely Banning candy is just going to make your kids...