Patient Testimonials

We love our patients and they love us. Below are just a few of the many positive testimonies we have received. We hope you find these heartfelt testimonials as uplifting and beneficial as we do.

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“Excellent dental office with a staff of caring and professional people. Always know I am getting great dental services.”

Stephanie W

“What a wonderful office filled with very kind and concerned people. I have to admit that I have never felt so comfortable with a dentist as I did with your office.”

Deborah W

“Dr. Nalley is the most outstanding dentist I have ever seen – amazingly knowledgeable, incredibly gentle, careful listener, and exceptionally skilled.”

Donna N

“Dr. Murphey is truly a professional with all the current and up to date skill a patient is looking for. Friendly and assuring, you can’t ask for more. I knew I was in good hands the day his office was able to work me in to the schedule and he shook my hand and welcomed me to Woodlands Family Dental. I was never anxious or uneasy in any way. Such a pleasant change from yesterday’s dentistry.”

Robert W

“My first visit was so positive I’ve chosen Woodlands Family Dental to handle and care for all my dental needs. Over the years I couldn’t find the quality care and service I always wanted in dental care. I believe I finally found it at Woodlands Family Dental.”

Belinda B

“Best dentist office I’ve ever been to and one of the top medical offices I’ve ever visited in terms of customer service, quality, and expertise. Family oriented with a lovely staff all around.
Meredith was professional, handled the appointment with care, explained the process thoroughly with step by step instructions, and allowed for questions and small talk in between. She also gave great advice and set meaningful expectations.”

Ludger M

“Miranda Lucus is a very kind young woman with great professional manners and a very down-home, friendly approach to her patients. Feeling comfortable is a “must” for patients and Lucus made me feel relaxed and welcome. She first explained what I needed to know and she answered thoroughly the few questions I had. I appreciated having her knowledge and insight about my procedure explained so I understood and that set me at ease.”

Robert W

“Very attentive and friendly. Seemed to genuinely care about my anxiety. Dr Nally was amazing. Very patient with me (high level of dental anxiety) and gentle. I didn’t have any residual pain from the site of the two crowns at all the next day – no gum tenderness, no tooth pain, just an achy jaw from the lengthy process. Excellent chair-side manner and fantastic care. I will be recommending him to everyone I know seeking dental care. Great job – everyone from front desk to the chair. Excellent customer service, excellent care. Couldn’t be happier.”

Jennifer B

“I am impressed that Meredith took the extra time to complete the deep cleaning my upper right quadrant required without having to have me come back. Best chair side manner of any dentist I know.”

Linda N

“So happy I found this office! The office is run really well from the moment you walk in to the second you leave. Everyone is very friendly and help to make each visit pleasant. They are all very informative and explain everything that will happen so there is no question throughout the visit. Overall a great office and also a great team!”

Susan N

“I have always felt very comfortable at wfd….that is saying a lot because I am very afraid of going to the dentist.”

Wendy C

“Great dental experience. Everything was much better than expected…Who likes to go to the dentist?! This made the dental experience no problem. I don’t mind at all going here.”

Alexander T

“Hands down, the best dental office staff and dentist in the entire state of Texas! The facility is state of the art and I can’t express enough the professionalism that this dental office offers!”

Alexander T

“Danielle and Dr. Nalley were most patient as we waited for information from my FL dental office. I so appreciate their help and gentle manner.”

Edith C

“Overall, I look at customer service, and the courtesy and mannerisms of the WFD staff was so outstanding. I was very pleased at how the staff treated my son, Joshua. He was very cooperative with the staff in what they asked of him to do, which lets me know that the staff was on point with their skills.
When we walked through the doors of WFD, I knew that we had chosen the right place for our dental care needs. We felt so welcome. The staff was so caring, prompt, and efficient. They were eager to answer any questions/concerns that I had regarding my son, Josh.”

Joshua G

“Despite coming in on a Saturday for emergency tooth repair, both the hygienist and the dentist were extremely professional and upbeat. The hygienist was extremely friendly and professional and the dentist was nice, professional and did not seem put out that he was called in on his day off.”

Jennifer J

“Meredith continues to be an extremely caring and friendly hygienist. I used to loathe my trips to the dentist since I have sensitive teeth and I just generally find it awkward and uncomfortable to have someone digging around in my mouth. However, Meredith has a very relaxed demeanor, which helps put me at ease, and is very good about engaging me in conversation to keep my mind off of what she is doing. She also takes a lot of care to ensure she is not hurting me or discomforting me while she is working on my sensitive teeth. Besides Meredith, my overall impression of the practice is overwhelmingly positive. The staff is very young and positive and always greets me with a smile whenever I see them. The office decor is also very welcoming and almost makes you forget you are there to see a dentist. I wish I had something constructive to add but all of my comments/thoughts are positive. All I can say is keep up the good work! “

Mark O

“All the staff including Dr. Murphey were very kind and thorough. We came for a consultation and they took all the time we needed, answered all of our questions and didn’t act like they were in a hurry or tired even though it was at the end of a day.”

Kelly M

“The most caring and involved medical office that I have been in. When they are caring for the patient, they do not appear rushed. I feel that they believe current patient is the most important.”

Gerald C

“We are so happy to have found Woodlands Family Dental for our dental care. Every visit is stress free and a pleasure. Thank you for taking such great care of our family!”

Fred M

“Wonderful service as usual. I can always rely on having excellent dental care. Never disappointed!”

Stephanie W

“Amber is Amazing! Great attitude and very friendly! Professional, friendly, courteous and gentle. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. I’m trying to get my dentist-phobic wife there since the treatment was so great.”

Davis U

“In the past I have had nothing but terrible dental experiences. Dr. Murphy has changed my outlook on dentistry. The staff is wonderful and they really go the extra mile. He does wonderful work and I would recommend this office to all my family and friends.”

Leah M

“Meredith was wonderful! She was personable and made me feel very comfortable throughout the cleaning. Dr. Nalley was excellent. He was incredibly gentle and checked in to ensure my comfort throughout the completion of 3 fillings. He was knowledgeable and did not rush through the appointment. This was my best dental experience ever! I was nervous about having to fill three cavities, but the office staff made it a pleasant experience. I felt confident that Dr. Nalley was experienced and knowledgeable to complete the procedure. The technology and equipment used was state-of-the-art, and Meredith explained each piece to me so I knew what to expect. Woodlands Family Dental made the unpleasant experience of visiting the dentist a very pleasant one!”

Megan D

“We moved to The Woodlands about a year ago and I’ve been putting off seeing a dentist for a check-up. Visiting Dr. Murphey’s office was such a relief–they made me feel right at home and the service and professionalism was top notch.”

Pat S

“Great observational skills, always follows up on problems to ensure the problem is fixed. I alter my schedule to ensure an appointment with my hygienist.”

Bob B

“Very professional, friendly, and helpful. Excellent service!”

Melissa W

“Dr. Murphey is always great. He took the time to review my dental case and also followed up with any items the dental assistant brought to his attention.”

Irene G

“Dr. Murphey was genuine, warm, and personable.”

Yosi G

“Doctor Nalley was professional and very competent. He did not seem rushed despite a busy office. He was gentle and non-intrusive. I look forward to working with him again.”

Megan D

“Dr. Nalley is very kind and polite, eager to answer questions and help with understanding what procedures would entail.”

Jennifer B

“Always the best dental assistants!”

Betty A

“Amazing! I love Dr.Murphey and all his staff; everyone is fantastic. I always feel comfortable and at home. I would recommend this office to anyone who’s in need of Good dental work.”

Emma N

“Meredith (my hygienist) is exceptionally great at her job. She is always pleasant & kind.”

Xavier T

“The care and attention given by the staff and Dr. Murphey are always the best. I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else. I also like knowing that he’s someone I see with his family on Sundays at church with the same values that I have. I recommend going to Dr. Murphy’s very highly.”

Dionne M

“Thank you for giving me excellent dental care. My family and I will return to your office for future services.”

Derrick T

“The most pleasant dental experience to date. Will definitely be referring family and friends. Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Here, you receive the best care available from the best people.”

Heather T

“Amazing staff!!!!”

Irene G

“Very friendly staff! Glad I got the referral!”

Tara C

“Great dentists, great hygienists, great staff. Top line equipment including instant crowns. Nice office environment.”

Bobb B

“I experienced no pain what so ever! Very surprised compared to all previous dentists that I have been with. Excellent service!”

Cara S

“You really made someone that is usually uncomfortable in the chair very comfortable and I will definitely return. Thanks.”

Gunner M

“When I received a follow-up call today about my two crowns two days ago, I told her I had forgotten I even had them – that’s how good they are :)”

Lorrie D

“I can’t even imagine anything that could have improved the visit. Its tough to beat “Perfect”.”

Raymond K

“I am amazed at how wonderful the entire staff treated me. I felt as if the worries I have concerning my dental problems were just as important to them as they were to me. I left there with a sense of hope rather than feeling “hopeless”. Thank you all so very much!”

Rebecca W

“Dr. Murphey provides plenty of personal time and makes you feel like part of the process. He is thorough and explains clearly what the issues are. There is a good vibe at this dental practice. The staff are friendly to the patients and to each other. Always a ‘happy mood’ at Dr. Murphey’s!”

Travis W

“I was so pleased with my visit, I could not have been happier! You have an amazing and friendly staff that managed to make what could have been an uncomfortable visit actually enjoyable  Thank you for doing exactly what you set out to do – Glorifying God!!”

Marcie A

“I am very satisfied with the service I received. I wish I had found you years ago. I have not seen anyone that can begin to compare. The staff is outstanding.”

Mary S

“I will be a patient at WFD for life!  Dr. Murphey is awesome!  I so enjoyed the upbeat atmosphere in your office. Everyone of the staff seemed to truly enjoy their jobs, and it shows!”

Tina A

“The staff at Woodlands Family Dental has always made me feel like family, from the very first visit. To someone who has feared dentists all her life and neglected taking care of her teeth because of this fear, Dr. Murphey and staff put all my fears to rest. It was like a breath of fresh air to come into a dental office that didn’t lecture me about my teeth. Instead they showed concern and gave me hope that I could have a beautiful smile just like the photographs on the office wall. It didn’t take long before Dr. Murphey put the plan in action and the result, I’m happy to say, is a “Hollywood” smile that I can be proud of. I no longer am self conscious about my teeth and smile. It’s been an awesome experience and recommend Dr. Murphey and his staff to anyone looking for a dentist.”

Linda N

“I must say that my first visit succeeded my expectations. The doctor and each staff member displayed a genuine level of warmth, kindness and professionalism that you would expect from any health care provider but is rarely found. They managed to ease my dental anxiety and I look forward to my next visit.”

Shawn M

“What can I say…. Dr. Murphey is the best… He is very gentle, which is a big concern for everybody who visits a Dentist… Your office staff is very friendly and caring… Do not change a thing. Your entire staff is wonderful… It’s so nice to walk into a Dentists office and see smiling faces, and be acknowledged by name… This tells me that the office staff is very personal and friendly towards their clients… Continue what your doing, it really works…”

Mark F

“Dr. Murphey is always the bomb! He took the time to talk to my boyfriend and I, and was funny too.   I always feel very welcome and comfortable when I come in and it’s hard to find both of these qualities in the average dentist’s office. Even checking out is pleasant! Everyone is so nice :)”

Brittany F

“Dr. Murphey was very knowledgeable and straightforward. His use of technology in his practice is exceptional, and leaves me feeling he truly understands my dental issues and has developed a successful correction plan. This is absolutely the best dentist visit I have ever had. The entire team goes overboard to make you feel welcome and understand you dental health. They stand in stark contrast to the “old school” (my last dentist) who fumble around with a dental pick and occasionally find a problem. This team is extremely competent, well prepared, and uses technology effectively to truly understand your dental issues.”

Ladd L

“Jacob is two and I am pregnant and can’t really keep up with him and try to get everything done that I need to accomplish to check out and leave. I was so excited that Tina took her time to play with him and keep him occupied so I wasn’t so stressed about him taking off and into another patient’s room, or worse- out the door in to the parking lot. That was invaluable! 🙂 I love the office staff and I love Tina- our hygienist.  Her patience with my little man (with all of my children) has been huge to me and just the way the girls make me feel when I walk in the door- it’s like they’ve known me for years and I actually feel comfortable going to the dentist- who would have thought? 🙂 I just really appreciate the friendliness and the welcoming atmosphere. The girls know me by first name and that makes me feel so welcomed. They interact with my children, allowing me to be able to focus on what I need to focus on- whether it be paperwork, procedures, financial explanations… whatever it is. I feel like this is one of the only places I can bring my children where we walk in and are treated like family from the moment we arrive.  My kids actually asked me when they could go back to see “Dr. Brett”. That is so rare. :)”

Christi M

“Dr. Murphey, took the time to listen and actually listened! He also made suggestions that didn’t seem like impossible goals to reach. Very friendly and down to earth.  I would like to give kudos to Jackie. She has been great to work with from the moment I called in to get a rush appointment to after I got home with follow-up calls. She has went above and beyond any others that I have ever used. Also I would like to give kudos to everyone else for working with me and understanding the work, insurance and payment schedule that best fits me and my family and working with me on obtaining what I need to get everything completed in a fast timely manner. You ALL have been WONDERFUL to work with and a BLESSING!”

Donna L

“The atmosphere of your office is very warm and inviting. The complimentary beverages, comfortable chairs in the waiting area and the toothbrushes in the bathroom really add to the services you offer. I would highly recommend your practice to my friends and family. Great first time visit!”

Misty B

“Woodlands Family Dental is a great Christian business that provides customers with spectacular customer service, the best dental work and very fair prices.”

Garrick R

“Dr. Murphey was knowledgeable and willing to answer questions completely. I have had an uncomfortable bite that my prior professional could not pinpoint. Dr. Murphy did so very quickly. (It wasn’t what I thought it was.) Though I’ve only been one time, it’s easy to see why my husband had switched to Dr. Murphey some time ago…I wish I had. The newer techniques and Dr. Murphey’s knowledge base give me the best dental experience possible. Like most people, I am grateful when my medical professionals stay current in providing for healthcare. So much progress is being made, and patients who have access to the benefits through their doctors and dentists are truly fortunate! I feel like I am one of them.”

Valerie V

“Tina did an outstanding job. She made the entire experience very relaxing. Woodlands Family Dental provides an outstanding dental experience. The entire staff is very professional and friendly. They truly care about their patients.”

Anthony P

“The atmosphere of your office is very warm and inviting. The complimentary beverages, comfortable chairs in the waiting area and the toothbrushes in the bathroom really add to the services you offer. I would highly recommend your practice to my friends and family. Great first time visit!”

Misty B

“Beautiful office, inviting and soothing environment. All staff gracious and accommodating.”

Jennifer N

“Dr. Murphey was concise with a treatment plan and very thoughtful on time. The offices are bright and technologically advanced.”

Doug R

“Tina-she is always so nice and upbeat! She is also quick with the overall checkup/cleaning and my mouth isn’t sore the next day. 🙂  It’s always a great experience going to the dentist at Woodlands Family Dental.”

Laura F

“Dr. Murphey, took the time to listen and actually listened! He also made suggestions that didn’t seem like impossible goals to reach. Very friendly and down to earth.  I would like to give kudos to Jackie. She has been great to work with from the moment I called in to get a rush appointment to after I got home with follow-up calls. She has went above and beyond any others that I have ever used. Also I would like to give kudos to everyone else for working with me and understanding the work, insurance and payment schedule that best fits me and my family and working with me on obtaining what I need to get everything completed in a fast timely manner. You ALL have been WONDERFUL to work with and a BLESSING!”

Donna L

“We quit going to another dentist in the woodlands because the hygienist would abuse our gums during our cleaning. We came to Woodlands Family Dental because of the reputation of making the dental experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Thank you.”

David W

“My first visits, including my first treatment where several fillings and crowns were done at the same time, was like nothing I’ve ever experienced at a dentist. Crowns were made and placed in the same visit, and old fillings were replaced as well. I never felt a thing, not even the shots. Dr. Murphey and his assistants answered every question and explained the new techniques I had not seen before, which were impressive. Absolutely the best!”

Glenn D

“Can’t think of anything that needs to be done differently. You guys are miles ahead of other dental practices in the area as far as professionalism and courtesy goes. Everyone on the staff makes an honest effort to make me feel comfortable, instead of just treating me as “just another patient”. The office is always very clean, and having a TV in every room is nice too.”

Doug P

“Everyone is always nice and I never have to wait very long once checked in.  I can`t remember her name, but she has very pretty curly hair brown eyes. I am actually always impressed with the hygienist Family Dental employs. They are all very nice, they know what they are doing, and are educated. Lots of dentist office seem to over look their choice of employees here. Dr. Murphy is my first dentist and I hate think I would have to ever switch. I have never had a bad experience with him. Also, he makes a effort to create a familiar atmosphere for his patients, that is appreciated.  I hate my father`s dentist so I looked for a better one. Plus I think I got free whitening if I came in, I`m a sucker for free things.  I don`t know how a dentist and a hygienist could make having my wisdom tooth removed borderline pleasant, but they did.  “

Elizabeth S

“No, it is always very pleasant, for a visit to the dentist! I love how pleasant all of the people are at WFD and I love the coffee!”

Susie P

“Tina made my visit to the dentist. She explained the health of my teeth in detail and was also very personable. The doctors went into more explanation and detail than I have received from any other dentist.”

Vanessa L

“Karie was extraordinary nice and extremely knowledgeable. She made the visit as comfortable as possible and seemed to genuinely care about my experience. Dr Murphey. Light years better than any dentist I have ever been to. His attention to detail, friendliness, and professionalism were exceptional.”

Daniel D

“I have never liked going to the dentist. I’ve always been so nervous but everyone at woodlands family dental makes me feel relaxed. Everyone that works there is so friendly!!! Plus I get great dental care!”

Vickie H

“Dr. Murphey was very kind and professional. I enjoyed getting to talk with him. I was very satisfied with my first visit and look forward to my next!”

Andrew B

“The hygienists did a fabulous job with me and my two children. They explained everything well and offered great suggestions to solve some of the day to day problems we were having. Dr. Murphey is awesome! He is very personable and knowledgeable. He explains everything very well and tells it like it is. He is willing to work with you to help prioritize work that needs to be done. I never felt pressured to make any decisions/commitments on the spot. From start to finish, this was not your typical dental visit. Jackie was the first person I spoke with and she is wonderful. The entire staff makes you feel comfortable unlike most dental offices. I have already told five people about my great experience. They are all looking for a good, trustworthy dentist. I told them all I’m pretty sure I found the perfect place for their families.”

Cyreatha B

“The staff and flexibility saved our lives it felt like. We were presented with an emergency situation with our child. We called in and reached somebody extremely early with the flexible hours offered. We were told to bring him in without an existing appointment and they took us right back and saw us immediately. Everyone was extremely caring and provided great assistance. Not only did everyone assist us but provided us with an immediate appointment with a pediatric dentist who saw us immediately. I felt like they treated us like family and for that we will be forever greatly as our children are our lives and it was one of the best experiences with a dentist office we’ve ever experienced. I would recommend WFD to anyone and everyone every in need of dental help. The staff is amazing and treat us like we are all family in how they care for everyone. I trust my entire family to this office and will for years to come. The atmosphere, flexibility and staff exceed any expectation ever imagined. Bottom line is when I needed a dental office and staff the most in our time of need for my family, I relied on WFD and they came through on ever level. Who would have ever thought that I would enjoy going to my dentist with no worries on how I’ll be treated and cared for. Thank you to everyone who has helped my family and will continue to do so, God Bless!”

Brady C

“Dr. Murphey took the time to talk to me about absolutely everything. He answered every question I didn’t even think of. I was very pleased.  I have no suggestions. Your care is excellent.”

Casy C

“I really appreciate how everyone was so informative and helpful. I haven’t really been to the dentist since I got my braces off 6-7years ago, and instead of feeling chastised like at other places, I felt like they were on my side in wanting to help with my concerns. They didn’t try to panic or rush me into getting work done either, but instead made me feel confident and in control. I think people don’t want to go to the dentist because they are afraid of what they will find and of that “I’m in trouble for not coming sooner” feeling. You don’t have to worry about that here.”

Kelly M

“Everyone is very friendly and caring. everyone makes me feel welcome. i dislike surveys, but i’m taking the time to fill this one out because i feel i receive excellent professional service every time i come to your office. thanks again for giving me my smile back.”

Donald S

“They are very accommodating and being my toddler`s first visit to the dentist it made it fun and friendly. The entire staff very wonderful and great. Explained everything on the procedure. Briann is my toddler and I am Joann Burch mother of Briann. Her visit was perfect. Love the staff. The Doctors are great also.”

JoAnn B

“Great great great employees there. I was very impressed with how they treat everyone there. They make sure you are well taken care of and feel as comfortable as possible.”

Brianna S

“Awesome place! Dr. M really does care about his patients. I have never had a bad experience there at all. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I would recommend Dr. M to anyone. Very friendly staff as well.”

John L

“Absolutely yes! And every problem I presented was addressed and well taken care of.  The staff is extremely caring and personable and the technology is first class.”

Betty A

“All the staff were considerate and kind. A warm and comfortable atmosphere.  Will be speaking highly of you and your practice.  Love the one visit crown. Appreciate your goal of perfection.”

Janet C

“An excellent staff. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful.”

Lynn P

“My Dental Hygienist was great, very thorough and went above and beyond to make sure that all of my dental needs were taken care of.  I’ve already had my husband seen at your office and will continue to refer your practice to other friends, family and colleagues.”

Lindsey B. W

“The overall atmosphere and cleanliness of the office and rooms makes things comfortable. The tv takes the edge off as well as the cold air conditioning. Nothing worse than going to an appointment in a hot office, so thank you guys for the experience. Anyone and everyone who asks about where I go for my dental work gets sent to you guys!”

Steven D

“My wife and I really enjoyed the visit.  It was our first visit and we impressed with the friendly welcome and how well we were treated.”

Trung H

“I like the personalized attention. Everyone in the team knows what their doing!”

Joost P

“The receptionist, hygienist, and Dr. Murphy all did a great job. Had a professional and very informative experience. The hygienist, did a fantastic job explaining and giving information regarding my concerns. I felt as if I was well informed and involved in my treatment decisions. Dr. Murphy reinforced this feeling. WoW is all I can say.”

Timothy B

“Everyone is always so friendly and helpful when any of our family comes in. Our boys were sad they didn’t get to come to the Dentist when I came in for my crowns!! I think that shows how great and friendly the staff is.”

Kyle F

“I was very impressed by the quality of service your group provided me. It seemed as though your operations flow so smoothly that I didn’t have to wait on anything. Everyone was so nice and I have already referred you to a handful of people.”

Jamye G

” I have NEVER had a teeth cleaning/x-rays, etc. done in such a gentle, careful and thoughtful manner. I can’t rave enough about the outstanding job you did. And, it gets even better – I had no sores in my mouth the next day or inflamed gums. I am completely impressed ! You were exceptional at taking the time to detail procedures and gave us great info on payment plans and options. I did not feel pressured in any way. “


My first upcoming dental work will be from Dr. Murphey. I am trusting that it will be an equally superb experience, based on the rave reviews of my husband, and his dental emergency earlier this year. Thank you for the opportunity to comment … may our Heavenly Father abundantly bless you all.

Pamela K

“You folks are both personable, and do great work. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Raymond K

“I really missed your gift chap stick. I really enjoyed that and thought of your office every time I used it.”

Brent H

“Everyone I speak to there is always polite and professional. I believe I am getting the most professional and quality care from your staff. Thank you for making a “dental” visit such a positive experience.”

Cindy T

“I feel like one of the family when I walk in the door. I feel completely safe, which for a dental-phobe like myself, is a miracle!!! This was 11-yr old Layla’s comment when she and her 2 sisters finished their appointments: “I can’t wait for 6 months to go by so we can go back to that place!”

Anna M

“I’m very happy with the WFD product. Very professional and well run, clean, courteous, etc.”

John D

“The overall atmosphere at the facility and the attitude and “Happiness” of the of the staff who dealt with me. Keep up the good work!”

Steven H

“She was very nervous when we got there. I like the way things were explained to her. They were very sweet and patient with her through the whole ordeal. (x-rays, cleaning, fluoride, etc.) The lady who worked on my teeth. She was very sweet. She took her time and explained it to me in terms that I could understand. Thank you, you made my experience a not so scary one.  It’s not as scary at all. The staff will take care of you. They go out of their way to make children comfortable. They even have child play room.  Thank you for not giving up on me. You didn’t feel frustrated when I was scared. I didn’t make me feel rushed. You took your time. In a sweet voice you told me exactly what you were doing each time a new step was being done to me.”

Alexis G

“The patience the hygienist gave the girls, especially Alexis was superb. Going to the office is such a peaceful experience. It’s almost like a spa retreat. I love the whole layout of the office. The staff is outstanding. I like the way we are greeted when we first walk in, and I like the way Tracy talks to you on the way out. She is so helpful with answering questions.”

Ashley G

“Jackie, who rescued me when I was “lost” outside on the sidewalk and couldn’t find the right door. LOL Thankyou for the birthday gift. Its nice to be remembered, esp. as we get older.”

June M

“Dr. Murphey the most but his whole staff has contributed as well by their excellent job performance. Also, Tracy does an excellent job explaining dental benefits and financial options. My family and I have been patients of Woodlands Family Dental for the past 2 years. The staff are warm and friendly and perform their jobs with enthusiasm. I have had quite a bit of dental work done during this time. Dr. Murphey always explains what the procedure will entail. The staff goes out of their way to ensure that we are comfortable during visits. As someone who has had a fear of dentists since childhood, I believe this office has helped me conquer that fear and I look forward to dental appointments.”

Susan S

“Your kindness and professionalism go a long way. Thank you for your patience with me. The entire staff including Dr. Murphy were wonderful. Thanks again. See you next Monday for follow-up.”

Pete H

“Jackie was helpful and concise. She went above and beyond what was expected and made me feel welcome and valued as a patron. In fact, it was Jackie that convinced me to fill my first cavity that same day, whereas otherwise I would have not. Tina was exemplary not only in her abilities but also in her demeanor. She made me feel at ease. Her expertise answered all of my questions and her superfluous care made me feel at home. Dentistry in The Woodlands is a word of mouth game. Although I currently live in Los Angeles, I maintain local contacts. I feel that Dr. Murphey’s practice has the potential of becoming the premier “go-to” in the area, and I will broadcast it as such. Thank you Thank you Thank you—– Your office staff (Jackie and Tina) made me feel right at home and comfortable. I love the fact that you offer complimentary beverages in the waiting room. I feel that these are the little things that keep people coming back. Good luck with your practice and may God bless you with bountiful years ahead.”

Kenny A

“Colin, Melissa, Jackie, Tracy and I don’t remember the other dental assistant. They were all absolutely wonderful!”

Robin A

“My fears of dentistry were put at ease and I was made to feel very comfortable. Looking forward to a long and productive relationship with your office.”

Linda N

“Dr. Murphey and his staff are always cheerful and really make me feel welcome. I love the facility, excellent location and everything they do to make me feel like part of their dental family.”

Danielle K

“Everyone was so polite and knowledgeable about their work. I didn’t feel rushed or any tension in the office. Of course the hygienist working on my teeth was wonderful as well as the front office person who ultimately made me feel that this is the place I wanted to come. All of the staff are very nice. Yes, the atmosphere is wonderfully private, comfortable and most of all calming. After calling numerous offices looking for a family dentist I found your receptionist the only one who was willing to answer my questions and give me the help I needed. She was the deciding factor in my decision to come and try Dr. Murphy. I also like having the treatment plan and insurance explained over a desk without pressure.”

Tamela J

“Just wanted to tell Dr Murphy Tina Tracy and all of the staff at woodlands dental how much I appreciated everything you did for me.  I wish I had come sooner. Eight years of dental anxiety kept me away from the dentist until I broke down and took a shot at it again.  I\’m so glad that I did.  You guys and gals were amazing. My teeth feel great and I can\’t wait to come back! (NEVER thought I\’d ever say that about a dentist!) Keep up the fantastic work.  I will refer everyone to your office.  You deserve the business. Thanks again, cya in 6 months.”

Jeffrey L

“Very professional and courteous…..I appreciate the care and service.”

Jennifer N

“The girls worked it out to get me in for my cleaning before normal operating hours even began so that I could make it to my morning meeting on time. Thanks! Best dental office I’ve visited – EVER. So accommodating, great people, and with full remote control to my own flat screen TV, it’s a wonder you can get me out of the chair when it’s all over! “

Courtney B

“Group effort! Such a great team! Great group of people! Professional, caring and friendly. A+++++”

Carrie R

“Atmosphere and friendliness of the staff. I called several dentists before settling on Dr. Murphey. The lady I talked to the very first time was extremely helpful and answered my questions whereas other places I called just kept saying, “it depends, you have to come in.” I know procedures and dental work vary on insurance and the doctor has to see you first to determine anything, but my questions were basic and other offices wouldn’t give me the time of day. The office is nice, clean, and everyone is super friendly!”

Kristin A

“This past visit was for a cleaning only.  I have already started referring family and friends! Finding a good dentist is very important. I had been procrastinating for years in completing some much needed dental work but am happy to say that I have complete confidence in Dr. Murphy and his staff to take care of all my dental needs! The electronic appointment confirmation a few days before the scheduled visit is a great reminder.”

Crysti B

“Your staff is excellent.”

David P

“Jackie was great and very informative. The office staff as well as Dr. Murphey are very busy but take the time to sit down with you and help you understand what’s going on. They all made me laugh and made me comfortable.”

Erica F

“The girl was so kind to me and explains very well all my dental care to follow,I felt so confident, she was really good. Well I felt so good the place is nice and clean and all the girls are so respectful, and for me is very very good service, all the staff and Doctor Murphy too. everything was fine “

Evenlyn A

“Everything was awesome!”

Holly D

“Excellent desk person wished me a happy early bday..Tina was a happy hygienist…Dr. Murphy maintained a personal demeanor. Great personnel…great technology…great dentist…relaxing atmosphere. “

Maria E

“Overall, the experience was great and great location! Everyone was friendly and the care options were explained. The staff was very nice and the environment was relaxing. The location is great and the website provided most of the information about the practice.”

Sandy D

“All I have to say is that I’m soooo happy that Dante(my husband)found this office on the internet. Everyone there is extremely nice and genuine. The staff and Dr Murphey makes you feel comfortable. Dr Murphey will be our families dentist from now on. “

Moi R

“The entire staff was very helpful and took very good care of me while I was there. Some dentists try to get you in and out but your office had more of a family atmosphere and every cared about taking care of the patients”

Tom V

“Friendly, caring professionals, quality work, I can tell my comfort matters to you.”

Ken W

“On time, extremely courteous, everyone was happy and friendly. The TV was nice, too. Perfect service!”

Ray W

“I have always like WFD. A great group of professionals.”

John D

“Everyone at your office is so kind, caring and friendly (People of faith & humility acting like real Christians). A peaceful, friendly environment definitely makes for a pleasant dental experience. We feel a little spoiled when we are in your office.:) I especially recommend my friends with small children to your office, and will continue to do so. “

Hope B

“Excellent service.  Everyone in the office was very nice and professional!  My family and I are very happy with the services you provide.”

Tom C

“All the staff, from the time I was greeted at arrival to the time I checked out. Each encounter with each person was a joy. Already have and will continue recommending. I am completely confident and at ease under the care of Dr Murphey’s staff and skill. “


“Brett contributed the most to making my experience a good one. I can tell Brett and his staff strive to be the best, and they are. From the front desk to the chair, all of your staff scores an A+ from me. Going to the dentist sucks, but if you have to go this is where I would want to go and I would want my family and friends to be treated great as well.”

Angel H

“Lots of smiles and love of life. Congratulations on the new baby coming. Dental hygienist was excellent. Dr. Murphy is great and very personable. I have told my sister-in-law and brother-in-law about our great experience. I have brought my father-in-law in. Keep up the good work. You all are great.”

Kay H

“Explanations about my needs and the time taken to answer all my questions, even some not relevant to myself. Everyone was helpful and cordial, friendly, and welcoming. I appreciated the unhurried amount of time taken by everyone to make me feel like I was THE ONLY PATIENT they had.”

June M

“The woman who explained to me my options about my retainer was very sweet, and although I was embarrassed because I couldn’t feel my mouth she looked at me straight in the eye so that I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Thanks!  I feel so welcome every time I come because you all immediately address me by my name. My fillings procedure went by quicker than I had thought it would, which was very nice, and I have to say that I LOVED having the shot that made my numbing fade faster!”

Brittany F

“Everyone involved helped tremendously. However, Tracy is so kind and considerate and a great listener!  The moment you walk in the door you feel welcomed and cared for. Please continue to delight people’s day with your outstanding professionals. You all are a delight and kind. :)”

Norma D

“I felt like I was very important! I was a work-in appointment and the doctor still took his time to explain and answer all of my questions. The doctor and his staff were all lots of help. I have also placed cards in my office at 1960 Family. The office is very clean and peaceful. Everyone looks like they are happy to be a part of the staff and always have a smile.”

Rachel Y

“This is an prime example of what professionalism is. Everyone worked as a team!! Everyone made me feel very comfortable. I have already referred to my family and friends and i will continue to do so.”

Maria L

“Just had teeth cleaning this visit. Excellent.”

Cathleen H

“The front desk staff was so nice and friendly.  Dr. Murphey and his staff are great. I was always afraid of the dentist until I went to Dr. Murphey’s office. It has been a very pleasant experience from my first visit to the office.”

Charissa S

“I appreciate the atmosphere in the office and the time Dr. Murphey takes in visiting with me. He doesn’t seem to want to get out and get to the next patient.”

Frank S

“Everyone was very kind and thoughtful! Everyone was professional but really made me feel welcome and relaxed at the same time. I was impressed by all of the up to date equipment at your office! The two times I have come in for treatment, I get to experience something I never have before. It made coming to the dentist kind of exciting.”

Candi V

“Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor himself made me feel comfortable. My cleaning was the best I’ve ever had. My hygienist was so gentle, I was not scared at all.”

Sonja R

“Both the Doctor and the staff were absolutely terrific in every way. It really doesn’t get any better than this. My wife and I are Christians, and it was wonderful to see God’s light shinning through everyone at Woodlands Family Dental. Our visit was outstanding in every way.”

Raymond K

“I had a great experience. The office ran very professionally and efficiently. I enjoyed the state of the art feel of the office as well.”

Lindsey W

“I appreciate the hygienist’s gentle touch when having my teeth cleaned. The new X-Ray’s are easier on the mouth with less chance for a gag reflex. The ladies at the desk greet and send me on my way home as if I were family. Last, but not least, I appreciate Dr. Murphey. He is very knowledgeable and makes me feel “at ease”

Gwendolyn M

“The entire staff was fantastic. I was very impressed in the fact that I was kept informed during the entire procedure how my daughter was doing, it made me feel so at ease . I want to say again how grateful I am that you were able to take Corinne in as quickly as you did. I will be calling soon to make arrangements for myself as well as any work that may need to be done on my daughter. Thank you again. I would never consider going any where else than to your clinic for future dental needs. Once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!”

Corinne H

“My son and daughter have already been in because this is where I sent them. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer more friends and family to this office. I was very impressed with every phase of the entire experience.  I’m surprised how little discomfort I had after the numbness wore off. Your staff is very responsive, encouraging and supportive. I’m so glad to have my teeth working right again. (Why did I wait so long?!!!)”

Betty A

“The dental assistant was absolutely wonderful !!! – I just can’t remember her name – she should get a huge pat on the back. Also, Tracy was wonderful with explaining my insurance coverage and upcoming procedure. Thank you all ! Definitely. Dr. Murphy’s office has state of the art technology – some of which I’ve never seen. He and his staff are professional and friendly. I am recommending my entire family and all my friends to him. I felt extremely comfortable in the office and in my discussions with Dr. Murphy and his staff !”

Robin A

“You guys were great! Everyone was so friendly and made me feel at ease. I loved watching t.v. while getting my teeth cleaned. So cool and it helped me relax. Something that is hard for me to do anyway, not to mention at the dentist. Thanks again for making it such a nice appointment.”

Amy M

“The Woodlands Family Dental is by far the best dentist i have ever been to hands down. The great friendly faces and Dr.Bretts great customizes caring service. There is no place like it. The woodland family dental has set a bar of service that other dental service have to catch-up to.”

Jessica E

“Both my hygienist and Dr. Murphey were great and explained everything very well. Dr. Murphey did not rush in and rush out. He took the time to chat and get to know something about me before treating me. The technology regarding measuring cavities was quite impressive as well. I can honestly say this is the most helpful and cordial dentist’s office I have ever been to!”

Bradley M

“Gentle friendly care you provide for my scared three year old, she doesn’t mind going to see you for dental work, when she had screamed at other dentists, she feels comfortable with you all and that means so much to a mother. want to say Thank you for helping my daughter it has been such a struggle with our insurance this year and I am so Thankful you all were willing to work with us to help her get the dental work she so desperately needed.”

Katie M

“THE DENTAL HYGIENIST AND THE GIRLS IN THE FRONT OFFICE. THEY ARE SO DARLING AND NICE TO THE CUSTOMERS. Everything in your office is so perfect. Thank you for your care you provide to my husband and me.”

Valerie R

“I appreciated being able to get an appt. on the same day that I called about my tooth discomfort.”

Kendall C

“I think every person that I had to pleasure of meeting and speaking with enhanced my experience! This was a very professional office environment and extremely friendly!”

Tiffany B

“I felt that all me needs were met. every person I encountered really took time to listen to me and it made me feel great. I have always feared the dentist and I had such a wonderful experience that I am looking forward to coming back.”

Ari H

“I was very afraid when I went in for my appointment, it had been about 13 years since my last visit seeing a dentist. Didn’t know what to expect. I left after my exam very assured I had come to the right dentist. Thank you !!!!”

Sue L

“Everyone & everything made it a very good experience”

Kimberly B

“My past experience at Woodlands Family Dental was outstanding. Dr. Murphey and his team were professional and very friendly. WFD made going to the dentist a fun and entertaining trip. Thanks!”

Brian D

“Actually, all the assistants and the front office staff where very attentive and very helpful. The office is very well run. Even though it was my first visit, I felt very comfortable and relaxed.”

Elena S

“Entire staff was awesome…”

Michael L

“Each staff member was courteous, competent and friendly.”

Robin A

“On time service, friendliness and great overall cleaning/checkup.  Very thorough service. You never feel rushed. All needs are always met. Friendly staff!!!”

Keelie S

“I came in for cleaning. The Dental Assistant was very efficient, gentle and careful, besides being very charming. It is vitally important that a Client be given due courtesy, and be made fully aware of his/her dental condition and options open to him/her. This requirement was fully implemented in a professional and patient manner. Many thanks”

Captain K

“It was easy to get convenient appointment’s scheduled, they put my kids at ease for their first dentist visit and they put my wife and I at ease even with all of our dental ‘concerns’. They provided flexible and clear treatment plans, taking the time to help work out the financial and comfort/recovery factors involved, and they seem to have covered every detail possible in reducing the discomfort normally associated with the dentist chair. Now that I’ve completed the first of my treatments, and my 4 year old is not nervous about going in for his cavity, I just feel a great sense of relief.”


“Everyone was helpful every step of the way and helped ease my anxiety. The state of the art equipment and amenities that are unusual for a dentist office made things more comfortable than past dentist experiences, and everyone who did anything in my mouth was very considerate and took as much precautions as possible to avoid causing pain in my temperature sensitive teeth.”

Jason W

“Everything was great. The staff was excellent and made me feel comfortable and welcome.”

Lindsey H

“The time spent explaining options/treatment to me as well as the professionalism of all office staff.”

Lauren A

“Wonderful service every time!”

Claudia P

“Each and every individual in Dr. Murphey’s office contributes to having a pleasant experience. And, of course, Dr. Murphy for his easy-going personality and professionalism. I drive 1- 1/2 hours because I am totally satisfied with my dental care and would recommend Dr. Murphey to all family and friends without hesitation. I actually like going to the dentist now! Each and every visit, from the moment you walk in the door, the girls make you feel like they are glad you are there. You feel like we have been friends for a long time. I love the up-to-date equipment.”

Sue U

“Everyone you deal with makes the visit enjoyable. I have very good visits with Dr. Murphey.”

Brent H

“Everything was great and the staff was very friendly.”

John C

“Attentiveness and current technology/comfortable spaces”

Jeff S

“Your office staff is friendly, humorous and anxious to help with anything.”

Marty K

“I was impressed with the latest technology used by Dr. Murphy, i.e. the cad/cam crowns. The entire procedure was virtually pain free. Your staff is very friendly and accommodating. The teamwork between Dr. Murphy and his assistant was very impressive.”

Travis W

“Painless injections!”

Barbara C

“Great job! Very friendly and personable.”

Jim H

“Jen at the desk made sure that Hanna was taken care of in the movie room while I was in the chair. No matter who has been in the front, they have always helped with Hanna and made her fill comfortable since we always go together.  I have to say that the entire staff goes over and beyond. I have never crossed any of them that were not friendly and willing to accommodate you in any way.”

Hope M

“Very nice environment, the flat screen TV’s were great for entertainment and review of my x-rays. Everyone was very helpful and courteous.”

Bill G

“Friendly staff! 🙂 My biggest compliment is the experience my two children had when they went in for their visit. They were both very nervous and uncooperative, however everyone was very patient and kind to them. As a mom, that is so important. If we had had a bad experience, I would not be taking them back! Also, the card with the stickers mailed to them was very appreciated. They thought it was really “cool” to get mail!”

Elvira C

“Dr Murphey and staff thoroughly explained everything I needed to know and answered all questions great! Excellent service and care! Very professional staff.”

Chantele S

“The service,ambience & technology are awesome. It is a great experience for Gabriel esp this being his first ever dental visit.”

Gabriel L

“I have already been bragging about the different tests and information that I was given that I had never heard of before I liked that you could check for bone loss. I had not been tested for this before. I liked the up close digital photo with explanation. The fluoride treatment stayed on all day and was kind of funky but I am sure it is worth the benefits.”

Malisa F

“Hi Dr. Murphey & the Gang @ Woodlands Family Dental: I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful experience I had as a new patient at Woodlands Family Dental.  From the care you took in helping me find an appointment that fit my needs, to the fabulous personalities I was met with (even at 7:20am!), to the awesome amenities (I’m hooked on the luxury of having my own remote!), to Dr. Murphey’s personal attention and consultation, to the amazing goodie bag – BEST DENTAL EXAM EXPERIENCE EVER, HANDS DOWN.  You guys are as terrific as we’ve been saying in your ads all along.   You can absolutely count on me for a “quote” any time you’d like!  And, I am so excited to become a regular patient.”

Courtney B

“Everyone~Everything is explained in a way I can understand and they make you feel very comfortable.”

Marcia B

“Every one that I encountered was wonderful.
I was nervous coming to your office after finding you on the internet. I have always had friends and family for dentist/doctor referrals, but being new to the area, I did not have that option. Your office has been an answer to my prayers. I needed some crowns, and Dr. Murphey (and all staff) did an excellent job on my teeth. They look and feel great…just fantastic! Thank you!”

Brenda L

“All my questions were answered before I even asked so I absolutely felt my needs and worries were always paramount of course everybody I came across was very nice and helpful, but what really put my mind at ease was that everyone (the staff of woodlands dental) seemed to simply enjoy being their. It was a tranquil environment. Me: Go to woodlands family dental right now! Friends and family: Thanks, but I already have a dentist and I live six hours away. Me: doesn’t matter. Go now! You guys are great! Thank you!”

Pete L

“A smile is the most important thing you have to offer…now, thanks to Dr. Murphy, I have one! I always want to smile big and huge! Thank you Dr. Murphey and Staff of Woodlands Family Dental for changing my health, smile and life!”

Leslie H

“I wanted to express to Woodland Family Dental for the first time I didn’t have to wait 30 minutes before being seen.  No need to pull out your reading glasses, no need to hunker down, the staff greets you on a personal level, “I was surprised they knew my name when I came in”, and you are warmly escorted to your room and pampered as if you are at a spa.  Honestly, I felt like a local star when I left.  LOL.  Anyway, thanks for giving your all to make my dental experience exceptional.  That’s the way it should be.  Sincerely,”

Leia O

“I always enjoy coming to your office because you guys make me feel like family and not just a patient.  I get the feeling that Dr. Murphey and staff are genuinely concerned about the “whole person” and not just about a dental procedure.  Thanks for bringing genuine kindness into the lives of those who pass through your doors. Your friend and patient.”

Linda E

“We just moved to the Woodlands and needed a dentist and a friend of my husband’s said they went to the Woodlands Family Dental.  So I made an appointment  for my daughter Lauren and she loved it. Dr Murphey changed her smile and filled a few cavities.  She has had a lot of work done with braces more them a few times in them and check ups every 6 months no one has ever told her how she can make her smile better.  She had more gum on her top teeth and she has a nice smile but all you would see is gum.  He removed that and gave her a great smile for weeks all she did was smile, it made every one laugh to see her just smile at people for no reason. Dr. Murphey has made us feel like one of the family, he takes his time with you and tells you how and what you need to do with your teeth, but doesn’t push.  I like that.  Now I need to get my husband to Dr. Murphey.”

Deborah A

“The staff was very patient with explaining every detail of what was going on to me. They were friendly and inviting, and I got to watch Food Network while I had my cavities filled. Ironic, but also a very good distraction for someone who usually hates the dentist. The staff was wonderful. I was shocked that there were no surprise payments, even after getting a filling that we didn’t realize I needed, the office comped me for that payment.
The staff was wonderful. I was shocked that there were no surprise payments, even after getting a filling that we didn’t realize I needed, the office comped me for that payment.”

Melissa H

“The staff was very friendly and inviting. They helped me in every way needed and were very clear and understanding. The office is very clean, organized and comfortable. I really enjoyed being able to watch my favorite T.V. shows while being worked on!”

Jessica T

“I had always been deeply TERRIFIED of the dentist, but Woodlands Family Dental is the answer to my prayers! Dr. Murphey and his staff genuinely respected my fears/concerns, and everyone went above and beyond what I thought a dentist ever would to make me feel completely comfortable and well taken care of. It was honestly the best experience at the dentist that I have ever had! I walked in with tears in my eyes, dreading what was to come, and walked out the door with a smile on my face! I called all my family and friends that day and told them how awesome my visit to the dentist was! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Liz R

“Craig and I would like to personally thank Darlene and Nikki for taking such wonderful care of us. Both were so professional and caring. The whole office personnel are great. We look forward to our other visits. Again, thanks to the whole staff.”

Brenda L

“Great place! Very friendly service!! Felt taken care of!”

Nicole W

“Everyone associated with my visit excelled at their responsibilities. I was amazed at all the footwork that took place on my behalf before I ever entered the office! Having a professional background in the dental field, I am usually more critical than complimentary because I am aware of how a “good” visit should go from the moment you walk in the door, to the moment you check out. I can honestly say that in my 25+ yrs with dentistry, I have never been in an office that felt as comfortable and relaxing as this one did. The friendliness of the staff was genuine and the professionalism exceeded my expectations. Everything “flowed” smoothly; all the i’s were dotted and all t’s crossed. Dr. Murphey, the treatment you provided was excellent. I am very excited to be associated with this practice. Thanks to all of you!”

Barbara G

“The office, Dr. Murphey and the staff were excellent. It was the first time we have been to the dentist and looked forward to our next visit”

Cody S

“The office staff make you feel as if they have known you for awhile. Very comforting.”

Leia O

“The staff is always pleasant, and it’s nice to be recognized and greeted by name when you walk in.”

Kris M

“I appreciate the friendly and courteous staff.”

Gwendolyn M

“Everyone is always very friendly. Tracy is a big laugh :o) I have high anxiety visiting the dentist but everyone has tried to make me as comfortable as possible.”

Tracy E

“Ashley loved the big bean bags in the kids waiting area! She also loved receiving an electric toothbrush at the end of her visit. Dr. Murphey was very good with both my kids. Also, the way x-rays were taken was so much better than where she previously went. The hygienist was actually able to get x-rays, whereas she refused last time (different office) due to the equipment hurting her mouth. Everyone at Dr. Murphey’s office is very kind and knowledgeable. Things were explained where we could all understand them.”

Ashley W

“The entire Staff is great. Dr. Murphey has done an excellent job in creating an environment that makes people feel as relaxed and comfortable as you can in a dentist chair.”

Kendra G

“The entire staff I met throughout my visit were very friendly and helpful.”

Bill G

“Everyone was pleasant and cheerful”

Terry T

“Fast help over the phone at 04:00 am with a diagnosis and prescription when I was in pain.”

Stephanie K

“The hygienist, she was very polite, warm and efficient and answered ALL of my questions and fully addressed any concerns that I had.  Very polite and warm welcoming.”

Steven H

“Everybody there was very friendly to me and made me feel like a well known, regular patient even though I had to be worked in because of an urgent situation. I’ll definitely be back for care for the rest of my family.”

Brent C

“One of the best feelings I have had in a dental office for a long time. Would not hesitate to recommend the practice. In fact, I already have referred one of my best friends.  As I stated earlier, I appreciate the entire office. It is something that was lacking in the other dentist’s office, which is why I have not been for a period of time.”

Doris S

“Its great their do not change a thing”

Reyes C

“The hygienist and Dr. Murphy took time to make me feel comfortable.  The entire staff was very attentive. It was the best experience I have had for quite sometime for a dental visit.”

Carol M

“Brett Murphy was very informative and descriptive regarding the treatment plan. All staff persons were friendly and accommodating. Nikki was especially helpful.”

Travis W

“Everyone was very friendly and courteous.”

Krissie V

“Dr. Murphey is very nice about spending time with his patients and being available to answer any questions. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.”

Zack H

“Thanks for the pain free fillings. You’re great!”

Kay H

“Kathy was particularly helpful with insurance questions… and she followed up by calling me later to relate information from my insurance company. You really do have the best employees… always so helpful and courteous. Great testament to the standards you have implemented! Dr. Murphey, you’re the best!”

Bernice M

“Every Staff Member I met was very caring, Kind and made me feel they were truly concerned and cared for my well being, Dr.Murphey was Extraordinarily kind and very compassionate, I have recommended you practice to numerous friends and coworkers. Thank You for being so kind.”

Michelle T

“I love the personal connection you feel with the staff. I really like the fact that it’s the same hygienist every time”

Cindy S

“I think that this was the best dentist visit in my life and i would definitely tell my friends and family to come to Dr. Murphey’s office because the staff is so friendly and inviting”

Sabrina M

“Everything was great!”

Alisha D

“Caring & goodness shows”

Keith F

“The hygienist was so nice and answered all my questions and of course Dr. Murphy has a great personality and takes the time to make you feel so at home.”

Amber L

“I really appreciated the staff understanding the amount of pain that I was in and getting me in right away. Tooth pain is a serious thing and people will do crazy things to not experience it. Such as drug and alcohol abuse. So it`s important that they feel understood and get the help they need. From the moment I spoke with Tracy on the phone I felt helped and the overwhelming sense of dread was greatly decreased. Thank you so very much.”

Dale L

“This was the best experience at a Dentist that i have ever had. I am very impressed. The atmosphere was soothing and i felt well taken care of. I will def. let all my friends know about Dr. Murphy and staff!!! Thanks again”

Becky B

“Everyone was very nice and I felt like I was seriously taken care of as if I was family. I also appreciated the level of communication that was brought to me by Dr. Murphey and staff.”

Allison R

“Dr. Murphey makes my daughter feel at ease every time see visits. It is very reassuring to know that she is being taken care of at each and every visit.”

Morgan H

“The entire atmosphere, staff, and overall attention to detail made my visit extremely pleasant from beginning to end. It is very clear that you have given a lot of thought and planning into ensuring your patients’ needs and comfort are attended. You have an excellent operation and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your office to my friends or family. Thank you.”

Deborah P

“Great experience & loved the new technology! I referred my mom and she is coming because of the technology. Her exact words were “I can’t help but think that my dentist’s office is just way out of date.”

Randi S

“Dr. Murphey and his staff are always professional and assist me with any issues or questions that I may have. I never feel pressured by Dr. Murphey to have any procedures done and have been given many options when it comes to payments or scheduling. Dr. Murphey is always pleasant and displays genuine personality upon my visits. The hygienists are very knowledgeable and helpful.  I had many questions, and they not hesitate to answer any of them. I have been to other dentist offices in the past and experienced pain while receiving my regular cleanings, but my visit to Dr. Murphey’s office was just the opposite. My hygienists was very gentle and performed an excellent cleaning of my teeth.  I would definitely refer my family and friends to Dr. Murphey. As a matter of fact, I was referred to his practice by several of my co-workers. I will continue to go Woodlands Family Dental as long as I live nearby or until Dr. Murphey retires. I love Dr. Murphey’s office. The atmosphere makes your visit very calm and relaxing. The office is also extremely clean. The staff is always very courteous and helpful. Whenever I have to visit Woodlands Family Dental, I am treated like family and not just another patient.”

Arthur B

“Everyone on staff was very nice and explained everything to me. It was actually my first pleasant dentist appointment.”

Amanda O

“Every staff member at Woodlands Family Dental helps make my trips to the dentist a positive dental experience. Every time I go for any of my dental needs I am treated both professionally and courteously by everyone on the Woodlands Family Dental staff.”

Shaun K

“I was made welcome and my cleaning x-ray and cleaning were efficient.  The knowledge of the people using their great equipment. A technician is only as good as their use of their tools! They’d be happy to be greeted in a such a luxurious setting where it doesn’t really feel like a waiting room, but a lounge of a nice hotel. That along, with the employees who are very nice makes for a smooth and enjoyable experience. I’m glad that this dentist caters to family because I can’t wait to tell people where the kids will want to go and get their teeth cleaned!”

Maria E

“Great staff, clean, modern facilities”

Jeff  S

“Even though it has been too long since my dental check up and my teeth are in bad shape, no one belittled me or berated me. I have had both happen at other dental offices. I appreciated the friendly professional way I was treated.  I told several of my friends the very next day how pleased I was.”

D`Ann H

“This was the best experience at a Dentist that i have ever had. I am very impressed. The atmosphere was soothing and i felt well taken care of. I will def. let all my friends know about Dr. Murphy and staff!!! Thanks again.”

Becky B

“I joked with the receptionist that any news should be given with a smile. She actually thought to mention this to Tiffany who i saw before Dr. Murphey. She surprised me by mentioning it which I loved. She was great as was everyone I came in contact with. Thank you for such a great experience. I had contact with least 5 people who’s names I apologize for not remembering. But everyone was wonderful. I believe Tiffany was the one originally cleaning my teeth. The lady who took the photos was great. The young lady who came in to help take notes as Tiffany worked was very attentive to what was going on. Check out was great as well. Very friendly and informative!”

Samantha F

“We have two boys, one who is 4 and the other is 21 months. I thought the staff did an excellent job with them”

Kyle F

“Dr. Murphey … I was impressed that he took an interest in learning more about me and also shared his passion for fast cars! I already feel at home in your beautiful facility. All the employees I encountered were especially accommodating, friendly, caring and very approachable…certainly exceeded my expectations!”

Bernice M

“The hygienist explained everything and chatted with both myself and my daughter.  We received superior care for both parents and kids. My six year old watched a show and I sat beside her while her teeth were cleaned…no fuss from either of us!  Super staff~all made us feel welcome.”

Marcia B

“Everyone was great. Loved the coffee and internet access in waiting room. Televisions are a great idea for the exam rooms.  Excellent cleaning. Gentle. I’m used to bleeding gums and a painful cleaning (at my local dental office).”

Julie P

“Dr. Murphey’s genuine desire to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results of his work. And his genuine caring for people. The majority of the staff I have come to know–especially those at the front desk, always have a smile for you when you come in and make you feel welcome. That means a lot.”

Linda E

“I have not had very good experiences with Dentists in the past, but at Woodlands Family Dental I was made to feel comfortable & at ease. Everyone is so nice & they took the time to explain things to me as they progressed through the exam. Dr. Murphey is very pleasant & easy to talk to – “He actually listens to you”. His main goal is to keep your existing teeth as healthy as they can be & not try to push unnecessary procedures on you. For “anyone” who is apprehensive about going to dentists (as I was), I would definitely recommend Woodlands Family Dental.”

Laura S

“The entire staff is courteous and friendly , behaving in a professional way. I greatly appreciate all the suggestions and professional care & answering all of my questions. Thank you for wonderful care.”

Valerie R

“I was impressed with my visit, and everyone contributed to my wonderful experience. I must say my office visit was one of the best I have had!”

Pauline V

“The entire staff was so kind and helpful, but my hat’s off to Dr. Murphey for his patience with someone my age having the anxiety I do.  My daughters and their husbands will be contacting you.  God bless you for the work you do.”

Betty H

“Under the circumstances (having hit my face into a wall), I cannot say how lucky my mummy and I think we are to have Dr. Murphey and his wonderful staff to care for us. You made a very stressful (and painful) situation calm and straight forward. Thank you so much again. We recommend your practice on a regular basis. We are always made to feel welcome and special whenever we visit.”

The Rowlands Family

“Everybody made my stay wonderful. When I came to Houston I needed a dentist and I did not know where to go. I found this office and since the moment you park the car they start helping and serving. The office is awesome and everything is very modern. The people who work are very nice and help you a lot. Thanks for everything!”

Victoria A

“I feel very comfortable in your services. Your staff is very concerned that my teeth and gums are in good health.”

Frank S

“Dr Murphey and his complete staff are very attentive from beginning to end.”

Nora I

“You are interested in my well-being and try to make my experience as pleasurable as possible.”

Nancy S

“The staff provided thorough explanations of the care necessary in the aftermath of my procedure. Thank you for the genuine attention to my needs as one of your patients. Dr. Murphey and staff are extremely professional, courteous, and friendly. State of the art facilities enhance the experience to me as a patient, and engender confidence as to the practice being on the leading edge of technology and experience.”

David P

“Dr. Murphey and his staff were very careful to keep Jordan comfortable through her procedure explaining step by step what he was doing and what was to come next. She made it through a root canal with flying colors! Thank you for taking such great care of my daughter!”

Jordan R

“The lady cleaning my teeth was very nice! Beautiful office and love the TV’s!”

Sara M

“Tiffany was very thorough and Dr. Murphy was great.”

Sara R

“Everyone in the office is very kind and understanding. I always feel welcome.”

Diane D

“I had a great experience there. Everyone is very friendly and professional. I love the atmosphere, and felt well taken care of. Thanks.”

Chip B

“Dr. Murphey was EXCELLENT!”

Claude S

“Advanced technology….very down to earth dentist and a very good looking staff .”

Russell E

“Somewhat of a new costumer but in the time I’ve been coming here everyone has been very nice!”

Mysty G

“Everyone was great. I was very impressed with the overall interation. I look forward to seeing my new dental partial.”

Steven B

“Everyone was very professional and friendly.”

Julie C

“I really love the friendly service and lots of smiles its a great place to get your teeth taken care of”

Sabrina M

“All the staff including Dr. Murphey were very kind and thorough. We came for a consultation and they took all the time we needed, answered all of our questions and didn’t act like they were in a hurry or tired even though it was at the end of a day.”

Gerald C