Mission Trip to Ecuador

First Guatemala. Now Ecuador!

It’s only been a couple of weeks since our amazing trip to Guatemala. Now, Dr. Nalley & Dr. Garza, along with hygienist, Sarah Kelley from Woodlands Family Dental are in Ecuador where we’re, once again, blessed to serve as the hands and feet to those in need.

In the first few days our team provided dental and oral health care to nearly 100 patients with more on the way each day we’re there. A local pastor took the opportunity to share the gospel message to our patients as they arrived and left our care facility.

“It’s amazing to see the smiles on the kid’s faces after we give them a cleaning or provide some extended dental care. It’s equally amazing to see crowds gather and listen to the gospel message and leave with both a smile on their lips and a smile in their hearts.” said Dr. Nalley.

While brief (our team returns Sunday), we feel so blessed to have the opportunity to travel and embed ourselves in these communities year after year. We are using the talents God has given us and He, in turn, is receiving all the glory.

A huge thanks to all who have been praying for and supporting us as we go on these trips. It is always good to be back home, but for now, we are happy to be right where we are, continuing to serve and bring happiness and smiles to our new friends and family in Ecuador.

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