Mission Trip 2015

On a Mission to Share a Smile

This Saturday, March 7, a core group from Woodlands Family Dental will once again travel to Guatemala on a gospel and dental health mission. This mission trip is an amazing opportunity for members in the dental profession to provide much needed oral health care in underprivileged areas. It not just about dental care, though. It’s an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. To fulfill a greater purpose. To serve and to give back.

Dr. Brett Murphey, DDS is going on his 16th trip and will be accompanied by Dr. Andrew Nalley, DDS, Stephanie Webb, Jackie Meza and Kathy Fischnar. “The bond of serving Christ, serving others and being together in the Lord truly blesses each person involved.”, said Dr. Murphey. “I always look forward to these trips because I know I am fulfilling the higher calling I was put on this earth for.”

Dr. T. Bob Davis, DDS, founder and coordinator of these annual trips, said, “I trust you realize that such a mission is what we were really created for and have already been called to do as Christians, were given a dental license for, and have grown up into His likeness for.”

The team will be returning to San Raymundo area of Guatemala where they worked last year. There, they will set up a dental clinic for exams, cleanings, xrays, fillings, extractions, oral health motivation, fluoride treatments and a few other surprise treatments they always get to perform that God has awaiting for the group.

Please be praying for the team. For their safety. For their success. But most of all, pray that the spirit of God moves through the team and the other doctors and volunteers who will be serving the beautiful people of San Raymundo.

Our hope is to bring health and wellness to a small corner of the earth. We can start with making healthy smiles and as you know, we believe Happiness Starts with a Smile.

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