How to Get Brighter, Whiter Teeth

In the never-ending chase for brighter and whiter teeth, we can all become confused by the many pastes and trays and gums and other tips and tricks out there. Below, we try to cut through some of that confusion by clearing up what works best and what you can do to help get the smile you’ve always wanted.

At-home whitening products.
White strips, over-the-counter bleach trays, and whitening pens all work to one degree or another. However, even if you follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s packaging the results can be less than desirable compared to treatments at Woodlands Family Dental. Some believe that leaving products on longer or using them more often can produce better results. The reality is that it does not provide any additional whitening and can simply lead to overly sensitive teeth.

Avoid coffee, tea, red wine and other tooth staining food and drink.
Peroxide, a typical whitening agent, actually opens the pores on your teeth. This means that during a whitening treatment, the enamel of your teeth, that stuff you are trying to get white, is open and receptive to absorb anything you put in your mouth. Stay away from blueberries, mustard, ketchup, chocolate to name just a few.

Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste with you at all times.
This may be silly to say but, if you are serious about getting white teeth, brushing your teeth is a must. We don’t mean once in the morning when you wake and once at night before bed. You must brush after every meal, snack and non-water beverage.

Use a pre-rinse before brushing and a mouthwash afterward.
Clean teeth are happy teeth and adding a pre-rinse to your brushing routine is a great practice to supercharge the effects. A pre-rinse will not only help to break up and remove food particles between teeth, it can provide much-needed fluoride protection. Just make sure your rinse has fluoride as an active ingredient.

For best results, let Woodlands Family Dental do the whitening.
We will be able to whiten your teeth much faster and with better results using custom fitted bleach trays and more advanced techniques like KoR Whitening treatments.

Unlike over-the-counter bleach trays that can be ill-fitting and out of compliance, we custom fit the trays to your mouth, they will last for years and you can get much better bleaching agents that cost about the same as the over-the-counter products.

If you have an event coming up soon, or you just want bright, white teeth now, without the need for trays and bleach, you should consider a KoR Whitening treatment. You will see brighter, whiter teeth immediately with many patients getting their desired results in as little as 1 or 2 treatments.

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