Mission Trip Honduras

Mission Trip – Honduras

Next Monday, Sarah Kelly, one of our beloved hygienists will be traveling to Honduras for a dental mission trip. She will be leaving the comfort and familiarity of home and family to serve in a foreign country. A country where many of the people live in poor conditions and do not have access to regular dental care. Even though she will leaving many comforts behind, she is thrilled to be heading out to serve others and serve God.

Sarah, whose experience in the foreign mission stretches over the years, told us: “My heart is sold out to foreign missions! I was very blessed to grow up in a church that also had that burning desire! I have been on many trips and I am excited to be able to say that I am going back to Honduras for the second time! While in Honduras, I will have the privilege of providing free dental cleanings, water filtration systems, clothes, shoes, and most importantly, the love of Jesus to the people of the village, Buena Vista.  Being able to see tears of happiness, receive hugs of thanksgiving, and hear joy through laughter, makes every single second worth it!

At Woodlands Family Dental we believe that beauty starts with your smile. The wonderful Honduran men, women and children who benefit from these dental mission trips show us their beauty every time we visit. Their beaming smiles are proof that what we are doing is worthwhile, is valuable and will bring health and wellness to generations of families.

Stay tuned for a future post where we will share some of Sarah’s experiences and photos from this trip. We are sure it will be a fantastic story filled with the great things God is doing through foreign missions.

photo courtesy of internationalvolunteer.ada.org

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