Jaw Pain

Jaw Problems, Headaches and Dental Malocclusions

Do you have persistent mouth or jaw aches? What about headaches? If you are constantly suffering from pain in the neck, jaw or head it may be time to talk to your dentist. You could be suffering from a ‘dental malocclusion’ or misalignment of your teeth or jaw.

Many people suffer from some kind of imperfect occlusion.
Most of us unconsciously adjust the way we hold our mouths and the way we bite and chew. This may work in the short term but over time it will only exacerbate the problem as those muscles and bones will wear out become damaged.

How can you tell if you are suffering from a malocclusion?
Some symptoms might include flattened or worn teeth, broken teeth, fillings and crowns, loose teeth, sensitive teeth or toothache with no evidence of a cavity. Most of these occur when we, without realizing it, clench our jaw or grind our teeth. This can happen in our sleep, when we are exerting effort at the gym or playing sports or when we are in a high stress environment. Aside from the excess wear on teeth, this can manifest in headaches, neck aches and sinus pressure as abnormal stress is applied to those muscles and ares of the head and face.

What’s the cure?
Simple solutions like a change in diet, adding an exercise regimen, and finding a way to lower stress levels can be an amazing solution. If your condition requires a more specific solution, your dentist may supply something as simple as a soft night guard or a hard, plastic appliance. These will keep your jaw in a relaxed position and keep you from grinding your teeth during sleep. If the problems are deemed more significant you may benefit from more extensive solutions like medication, tooth replacement and even full orthodontics to help realign your bite.

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