Harmful Foods

Foods That May Harm Dental Health

We all love them. Sweets, candies, cakes, muffins, cookies, chips and all other kinds of snack foods. Crunchy. Chewy. Sweet. Salty. Just reading these words makes my mouth water and ready for a treat. Unfortunately, these tasty treats don’t just have empty calories, they are a cause for concern when it comes to your dental health.

Many of these foods contain the sugars and starches that bacteria love to eat. After eating they ‘process’ the sugars, leaving acids on the teeth, leading to tooth decay.

We can’t just point our finger at snack foods, however. Drinks that contain sugar need to be evaluated as well. Sodas, lemonade, fruit juice, sweetened coffee and tea are all much more potentially harmful. When you take sips of your favorite sweetened beverage, you are constantly giving your pearly whites a sugar bath.

It’s not just the sweet treats and salty snacks that should be avoided. Acidic foods like citrus fruits and tomatoes can eat away at your tooth enamel if eaten by themselves rather than part of a nutritious, well-balanced meal. Dried fruits like raisins are a good, healthy snack but they pose a hazard due to their stickiness. Chomp on a mouth full of dried fruit and you are sure to have gooey bits stuck in all the the wrong places.

When it comes down to your dental health nothing beats fresh, cool water and a healthy food choice like raw veggies or a piece of fresh fruit. Even then, remember that it’s good practice to brush your teeth after every meal.

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