Dental Mission Trips

Salt of the Earth. Light of the World.

At Woodlands Family Dental, you know that our primary mission is to glorify God in all the things that we do. One special ways we are blessed to do that is through missions trips to developing countries where we provide much needed dental care.

During these trips we are so moved to see how God uses the talents and skills He has blessed us with. Not only are we able to provide world class dental care, but we are also able to share the Gospel with many who have never heard the good news before.

In March of 2014, during our Spring Break, a group of us will be heading down to Guatemala for our next opportunity to serve. Even though we travel in a small group, we know we always have a huge team with us, back home, providing much needed prayer and financial support. For additional info, check out our previous post.

We need your prayers!
Your prayers are preparing the way to cover us in God’s protection and to open hearts to receive the gospel message. Please be in continued prayer for us. We are counting on you!

We also need your financial support.
For our team of 6, it costs $2000 per person to cover plane tickets, food, lodging and ground travel. Half of the trip costs are due December 6th. Yes, that’s coming up very quick. We only have a few days left. Please prayerfully consider supporting this mission ministry today!

The easiest way to donate is by making a contribution with your credit card through Paypal. Just click the donate button below. We appreciate all of your prayers and your financial support.

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