Megan Moureau

A Life Forever Changed

Earlier this year Woodlands Family Dental heard about a wonderful young woman named Megan Moureau. At just 27 years of age, Meagan has experienced a lot of life and most recently, the quick decay of her teeth.When she was 24 years old, a genetic predisposition kicked into overdrive and the enamel that protected her teeth quickly deteriorated. This left her with thousands of dollars’ worth of repair.

Through the financial support of many of our friends and a matching contribution from Woodlands Family Dental, Megan was able to receive restorative implants on both her upper and lower teeth resulting in a new, beautiful and healthy smile.

Below is the note we received from Meagan after her final visit.

Dear Dr. Murphey & Woodlands Family Dental,I just wanted to say a special thank you for your generosity in helping me obtain my new smile!

As you know, I spent years trying to get my teeth fixed to no avail and was despairing being able to find a job and had lost all self confidence with the way my teeth looked. I hated to smile and held my hand over my mouth a lot because I was so self conscious. Thankfully my story reached your office and you graciously decided to support me.

You have totally blown me away with the full scale way you took on my case. My life is forever changed by the overwhelming generosity and support of Dr. Murphey and his awesome staff. Please know that I am truly grateful and will never forget your help and how it transformed my life because you have blessed me in ways that I will never be able to express fully.

I am finally able to smile with complete confidence!

Meagan Moureau

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