Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth Require Immediate Dental Care

Do you have a broken tooth? Sometimes there is no pain associated with a minor fracture. However, the cracked or jagged edges can be rough on your tongue. Teeth are normally strong, but sometimes you can bite down on a hard substance, or perhaps experience a facial injury that causes dental problems. Maybe you fell or have bad dental hygiene. Regardless of the reason, it is important that you seek dental care.

To Ache or Not to Ache
Teeth that chip or break have the potential to break further without proper care. In some cases a crack can recede further, and this can cause a piece of your tooth to break off. This can cause tooth pain and tons of dental problems that could cause you to lose the tooth if a dentist is not seen immediately. When a piece of your tooth comes loose, it can cause damage to the nerve inside. Nerve damage can cause excruciating pain, especially if the nerve is exposed to cold and hot drinks, food, and sometimes even air. Even the act of chewing can be miserable when you put pressure on the damaged area. Finding a quality local dentist to care for your injury is critical if you want to keep your tooth intact and prevent further damage from occurring.

Emergency Home Treatment until Your Dental Appointment

  • Rinse with Warm Water
  • Use Gauze to Apply Pressure if Bleeding Persists
  • Use a Tea Bag to Stop Bleeding and Aches
  • Reduce Swelling by Applying a Cold Pack to the Outside Area of the Tooth
  • Use Temporary Dental Cement If the Problem is Severe
  • Take an Over the Counter Pain Reliever for Pain

When to Visit a Dentist
There is very little that you can do to protect a cracked tooth without care from a professional dentist. We do not recommend that you even try to treat your own broken tooth. Cracked teeth may not be noticeable at first glance, but when you eat or drink something, you will most likely feel a lot of pain. If you, your children, or other family members experience any type of pain around the gums or teeth, then we always recommended that you call a dentist as soon as possible. The problem will just get worse if it isn’t corrected, and the last thing that you will need is more costly care, and further damage to your teeth from procrastinating your visit to the dentist. A toothache or severe jaw pain should not be ignored at any costs.

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