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Meagan’s New Smile

Woodlands Family Dental is raising support for Meagan, a single mom and student in The Woodlands area that is in dire need of dental work in order to obtain a job that will provide for her family. Please take the time to read Meagan’s story and join us with donation for Meagan’s new smile!

Meagan’s New Smile

In class, Meagan is quiet and introspective so the fact that she doesn’t talk much is no surprise. But after you start having conversations with her, you realize two things: first-she has a warm and wonderful personality with a great sense of humor, and second-the reason she hasn’t talked much is…her teeth.

At just 27 years of age, Meagan has experienced a lot of life and most recently, the quick decay of her teeth. When she was 24 years old, a genetic predisposition kicked into overdrive and the enamel that protected her teeth quickly deteriorated. This has left her with thousands of dollars’ worth of repair.

As a single mom with three children, she has largely depended on the support of her family to provide for them. But now that her youngest is in school, she is working hard to become a massage therapist so she can support them independently. Not only is she great at what she does, but she has a warm and welcoming personality that will bring her loyal clients for years to come. Her only hesitation is her smile.

Living locally, Meagan had heard of the great work done at Woodlands Family Dental, and her story was brought to the attention of Dr. Brett Murphey. Because of the unique situation she finds herself in, Woodlands Family Dental is raising support to bring back Meagan’s beautiful smile. She is super excited about the chance to have a brand new smile-knowing that as a future massage therapist, first impressions are crucial.

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